January 23, 2023

100% in Everything

Whatever you do—give it your best. Your 100%. Not just at work, but in everything you do.

Do your best in managing your house, in performing life admin tasks, in volunteer work, in your exercise, in building and protecting relationships, in writing and painting and taking photos and all your other hobbies.

Your 100% doesn't mean everything has to be perfect. It only means: the best that you can do at the moment. If you need to write an article today, do the best you can today, considering all your other obligations. If you can only spare one hour, then do your best within that timeframe.

Your 100% also doesn't mean you keep working until burnout. Doing your best means getting enough rest. How can you do excellent work if you can't focus? Make sure you're giving your health your 100% as well. Eat the right food, exercise, get complete sleep every night, and don't overcommit, spreading yourself too thin.

To become the best person you could ever be, give your 100% in what you choose to do.