November 1, 2022

4 Easy Ways to Make Work Enjoyable

One of the ways to persuade yourself into doing things that you should do, is to make the process fun.

For work, here are four things you can do:

1. Turn your workspace into a place you absolutely love.

Turn it into a happy place, a space you can't wait to go to every morning. Your corner of inspiration, with Polaroid photos and your favorite quotes pinned on a cork board. Add plants to give it life, and buy yourself a clackity keyboard if that adds more fun to your work.

But always be tidying! Keep it clean and leave lots of surface area. You don't want it to be crowded, with little space for actual work.

2. Make work rewarding.

Use to-do lists with checkboxes and tick them off as you go through the list. That act itself feels rewarding, and you'd be motivated to finish the next one.

Another way to reward yourself is to get a break after completing each big task. Take a walk, have a chat with someone, or get yourself a snack.

3. Use visuals you like.

Take time to setup your laptop or PC. Pick a wallpaper that you'd appreciate seeing everyday. Set up the colors you want in your browser and other apps. Do you like calming, pastel colors? Use them wherever customization is allowed (like your Google calendar).

And tidy up your desktop regularly. Organize files into the appropriate folders and delete the ones you won't need in the future. It feels so much better to see a clean desktop at the start of the day.

4. Sip your favorite drink.

I like working with a cup of freshly brewed coffee on my desk. Not only does it give me fuel, but it also brings me joy. I love the taste of coffee and the act of drinking coffee. And that helps me enjoy while working.

Do you like coffee, too? Or an English Breakfast Tea Latte? Enjoy it while working. Or you can drink it before work. Start the day with a good cup and set the mood for the day.