July 19, 2023

5-Minute Habits

We sometimes find ourselves waiting—in line, for a shop to open, for other people to be ready—and that short period feels too short to be of any use, to do anything productive.

But it’s actually enough time to tick off some habits or items from our to-do lists.

I usually use those few minutes to read, to write, to send messages, to do quick household chores when at home.

Right now I'm waiting in the car and writing this on my phone. It’s been a few minutes and will probably take a few more.

So when you're waiting, find something you can do. Or make a list right now of all your options—things you can do in five minutes, in 10, or in 30. Keep the list on your phone, so that it's quick and easy to check anytime, anywhere.

More ideas to get you started: 10 pushups, 5-minute stretching, schedule appointments and other errands, fold clothes, wash the dishes, make ice, call parents.

You'd be surprised at how much you can accomplish with all those minutes combined.