December 7, 2022musingsself-compassion

A Reminder from Enid Sinclair

Just finished watching Wednesday today (how apt). I enjoyed it—the visuals, the script, the performance, especially the deadpan humor. It injects the right amount of humor at the right time (unlike Thor: Love and Thunder).

SPOILER ALERT: Don't proceed if you haven't watched it!

One of the endearing characters in the show is Enid Sinclair, Wednesday's bubbly roommate. She's an explosion of color, in contrast to Wednesday's black-tinted world.

Enid is a werewolf who hasn't yet wolfed out. She couldn't fully transform. Enid's mom (though well-meaning) kept pestering her about her progress, pressuring her into joining a summer camp for that purpose (sounds like forced wolf transformation to me).

Enid was adamant. If she was going to become a full werewolf in the future, it will be in her own time. When she's ready.

The spoiler: she did wolf out in the last episode, just in time to save Wednesday from the monster (right down to the last second of course).

It's a good reminder that we have our own timelines. We don't have to grow our paycheck as fast as our peers, advance our career parallel to them, or start our own thing right now like they are.

While we should keep working on achieving our dreams and finally arriving at the place we want to be, there is no point rushing ourselves and feeling frustrated by the long process.

As long as we're learning, then we are getting closer to our goals.

The setbacks and the failures tell us how to improve, and we should work on those weaknesses (or pivot, as needed). The achievements along the way strengthen our position and bring us forward. Both of those are progress.

All of the knowledge, skills, and wisdom we've collected will compound. They will reach a tipping point—when we have enough of them to secure success.

But unlike a werewolf who waits for the right time, we should be proactive about it. We should keep trying and trying and trying. Because we won't know when we do have enough knowledge and skills. We'll only know when the worlds gives us irrefutable evidence: real success.