April 24, 2023

Acknowledge Down Days

Acknowledge the down days—when we're low on energy and motivation. When we're struggling to go through our to-do list. When were capable of accomplishing only the minimum.

I struggled with many down days the past weeks. Productivity fell and I got tired with little exertion. Add to that, I was feeling shitty because I couldn't supply the energy I need and I couldn't finish what I've set out to do, what I've planned in my calendar.

Then I found out that it was probably because of my hormones. There have been changes in my body that led to that state.

And while having habits, routines, and systems help us stay consistent when motivation is low, the state of the body still plays a huge role in our energy levels. It still affects our ability to accomplish those habits, routines, and systems in the day-to-day.

It's important to acknowledge that. We don't have absolute control, and we can't have a perfect record.

But we must bounce back. And today's that day for me. I'm feeling refreshed. I feel good. I'm back.