April 19, 2023

Active Wonder

We're all naturally curious. From the moment we were born, we observes our surroundings. We noticed how crying grabs our parents' attention. The first words we say, picked up from what we hear. And growing up, we explored more. We found out that the pot's hot, found out that it hurts to scrape the knee, learned to be careful when running or climbing or playing.

We're naturally curious, and we're natural learners. But why do so many people stop when they've grown older?

Some think they know enough. That they've reached the furthest they could explore. They're comfortable with where they are, happy to sit tight and live the rest of their lives the same way. They're unaware that greater happiness and deeper fulfillment lie outside of that comfortable circle.

That's what lifelong learning gives.

As we learn new concepts and immerse ourselves in new experiences, we reignite excitement. We keep our minds and our hearts alive. The more we collect lessons, the more we grow, and closer to contentment—to fulfillment—we get.

Is there a better way to live our golden years than having grown so much, and still continue to? To reach self-actualization. To not waste our potential and the world's opportunities.

We must engage in active wonder.

To be intentional about our curiosity, to dig into what we don't understand, to walk paths we haven't yet, to find interest and beauty in many things. To keep asking and to keep exploring. To keep gathering different perspectives, different angles of how we see the world.

To consistently find novelty in seemingly uninteresting places.