November 24, 2022

Are you drowning?

When you feel like you're drowning, swept by huge waves, and pulled to the depths, when you fight with all your strength and power but the ocean seems to be doing the same—

Pause, you might be exhausting all your energy on a fight that can't be fought the way you're doing it.

You are not in the ocean.

You might be drowning in your own thoughts. In the emotions you let consume your heart. In the negativity you let in.

Stop the whining and screaming and the thrashing about.

First, win the fight inside you. Let it out. Empty your mind, let go of tension, breathe out the toxins.

Your mind, your heart, your body—these are for you to take care of. To actively protect and nurture. Guard your mental space, your heart's goodness, and your body's health.

And after the cleansing, survey your surroundings. Remove the things that brought you negativity in the first place. Fill your physical environment with things that bring you joy, and let those good thoughts and emotions fill you inside.

Start becoming more mindful of your thoughts and emotions. Only then can you better control them and protect yourself.