February 23, 2023

Be Intentional

In any exercise, you should prioritize proper form. In yoga, in weightlifting, even in running. Proper form does two things:

  1. Protects you from injury.
  2. More effectively and efficiently gives you results.

Trying to amp up your intensity too soon might feel rewarding, but it won't give you the results you want. Choosing to just finishing your set (instead of prioritizing proper form), hurrying through yoga poses, or running like Phoebe Buffay, arms all over—you'd be wasting time and energy.

The same can be said about your other actions too—be intentional. Be aware of properly doing things, rather than mindlessly moving (or unmoving).

Not being intentional about your skincare, kitchen, and cleaning products can lead to hormonal imbalance because of all the chemicals they bring to your body. Not being intentional about your posture can lead to neck, shoulder, and back pains. Not being intentional about how you carry heavy objects can lead to accidents and injury (especially when you carry them up or down the stairs).

Not being intentional about your work, about the specific tasks that you spend time on, won't help you toward your goals. You could be exhausting yourself day after day and gain no progress.

Even in relationships—love is an intention and an action, and so is commitment.

Be intentional about your health, your finances, and your relationships.

Be intentional about your present—your everyday. And your future.

Be intentional about your happiness and fulfillment.

Be intentional about who you are.