May 20, 2023

Be Wary of Assumptions

Don't assume the worst in other people.

We might find ourselves sometimes making up stories in our head about others. Assuming intentions and actions, armed with only bits and pieces of the situation. We jump to conclusions.

Be wary of those assumptions. Most of the time, they're waaaay off. I've seen this many times. We know nothing of their thoughts, emotions, and motives, and we have no right to presume.

On the other end: don't expect them to be angels. Don't expect everyone to do the right thing all the time. We're all humans. And while we're inclined to be good, there are those with greater tendency to give in to temptations.

So what should we do? Expect nothing.

Their thoughts and decisions are their own. And because we have no control over those, there's no point expecting anything.

Expect nothing. That way, we make decisions that don't hinge on forces we can't control.