November 29, 2022

Becoming Heroes

Many great stories start with ordinary people becoming heroes. They go on an adventure, conquer challenges, grow from the experience, and come home as heroes.

We can have that in our lives too. We can make it happen—become the heroes of our stories.

It starts with moving.

  • We must first collect experiences, and then we can gain wisdom.
  • We must first become ambitious, determined, and successful, before we can enjoy abundance and become infinitely generous.
  • We must first do. Act. Move forward. And from that journey, we grow.

Begin your journey now (if you haven't yet).

Go on an adventure—start that project you've been wanting to do, sell your macrame coasters and wall hangings, create your website and publish your first article. And keep going from there.

You'll have challenges along the way but remember: that's how it's supposed to be. That's how heroes are made. That how you become victorious.