November 26, 2022

Being Comfortable with Discomfort

We like comfort. Many of the products we buy are manufactured for that purpose. For comfort. A bed with a good mattress, pillows, air conditioners and heaters, jackets, shoes and slippers, ergonomic chairs, cars, and many more.

Many of us live comfortably and are not used to discomfort. We don't like the heat and the sweating. Standing for hours is followed by pain in our legs and feet. We avoid public transport and long walks whenever possible.

I want to change that for myself. My husband and I had this conversation just today. He said that he wanted to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. He wants that to become his default state.

I love that intentional shift. And I want it for myself too. I want to become completely comfortable with discomfort. That it becomes the status quo; that I become restless when I'm too comfortable.

Why do I want this?

1. To not be bothered when forced to endure discomfort

I want to train my mind and body to take discomfort regularly, so that when I don't have a choice, when the only option is uncomfortable, it's okay. It won't affect me. I'd be used to it by then.

Even with discomfort, I want to be able to function well.

2. To prepare for bigger challenges

When I'm comfortable with small discomforts in the day-to-day, then I'd be better equipped to handle bigger challenges. I'd be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared.

When crisis hits, I can remain calm and act quickly.

3. To become more resilient

Aside from functioning well in uncomfortable situations, I also want to train my body to become slow to fatigue and quick to recovery.

I don't want to tire easily. When there's a crisis, I want to be able to keep going. To keep running, barefoot if needed. And while other people might need hours to rest, I want to be able get back to 100% in minutes.

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

It's taking "get out of your comfort zone" quite literally. And it works the same way. We grow when we're outside of that safe space. We grow tougher with every discomfort we experience.

It's a powerful mindset shift, and much aligned with my practice of intentional living.