December 24, 2022

Being Fully Present

Today, I spent almost the whole day preparing for a Christmas Eve dinner with family. It was tiring, and my legs were starting to hurt from standing up for hours, but I had a good time. We were talking and laughing while chopping vegetables and cooking.

As I write this, 20 minutes before midnight, we're still here on the dinner table, talking. We are all so sleepy, but the family's waiting for midnight to exchange gifts and eat (again). It's become a yearly tradition.

Today has been about spending time with family.

The only time I opened my laptop was for me to write this piece. I didn't work at all, and it feels good to be fully present. My mind not preoccupied with unfinished tasks, and no work messages to look at. Just family.

If you're reading this and you're working during the Christmas weekend, take it as a reminder: be present.