August 10, 2023

Build Relationships

It's key to business success. Many brands today focus on building relationships with customers, because that's a huge factor in the buyers' decision making process. People buy from brands they love. Brands that bring excitement or peace of mind or nostalgia—whatever it is they're looking for. Brands that bring amusement on social media, share behind-the-scenes photos and videos, and responds to their messages. Brands whose owners are people they like and trust.

It's key to a comfortable life. Life's easier when you know people from different places, who work in different industries, who can help you when you need guidance. It's easier when you know an engineer or an architect, a friend you can trust to build your dream home. When you know a government employee who can guide you in securing business permits or filing taxes. When you know a dentist, the same one the whole family goes to.

It's key to a happy life. They always talk about good relationships being key to happiness. People you can run to in times of trouble, people you can celebrate with in times of plenty. People you absolutely enjoy spending time with and having long, meaningful conversations with.

Build relationships. When people know you and like you, everything else just becomes a bit easier.