May 14, 2023

Celebrating My Mom

I had a wisdom tooth removed a few months ago. After the procedure, while I was paying, I saw my mom from across the street walking toward the clinic. It was a pleasant surprise. She was so worried, she couldn't stay at home. She and my dad came just to be there and see me after the procedure.

When I had dengue in 2012, my parents were in Saudi Arabia. When my mom found out, she wanted to fly home immediately. I told her I was okay. It wasn't severe. And her boss, a doctor, after learning about my dengue case, explained to her that she doesn't have to worry. I know she would have gone through the flight if I didn't tell her not to.

Before getting married, when I was still staying at my parents' house and working from home, she'd always bring snacks to my workstation—often they're freshly baked bread (which she knows I love very much), and sometimes fruit slices.

After getting married, whenever we'd visit her and my dad, she'd pack food for us to take home.

Her love taught me generosity, patience, and empathy. Her light and warmth taught me hope and positivity.

Today, I'm taking the time to appreciate having a mother who loves me deeply and unconditionally. She's God's gift—to me, to our family, to all the people around her.

I'm grateful, knowing also that this isn't the case for all mothers and daughters. That I'm lucky. And that I'm blessed with time with her, while others lost their mothers too early.

A mother should feel loved all the days of the year, but it's good to have a reminder. And it feels right to have a day dedicated to celebrate all mothers.