March 19, 2023

Change the Narrative

You can always rewrite your narrative. You can reframe the situation. Perspective is one of the most powerful tools you can use to turn something disagreeable into something tolerable, even appealing.

When faced with a difficult situation, position yourself from a place of gratitude. Take note of everything that you have—food for sustenance, a roof over your head, a family, protection, security, convenience.

And if you feel like you've been stripped to the core, there are two things that you still have:

  • Your ability to reason. Your mind is powerful. And as long as you have control of what you think and how you think, you can control how you see the world. How you react to the world. How you turn your current circumstances around.
  • Your life. You've been given this beautiful opportunity to see the world. To experience love. To give love. To be part of this complex collection of beings, of lives intertwined.

You still have that opportunity. To touch all those lives connected to yours, and find fulfillment. To leave a lasting legacy.

Whenever you find yourself in a story you don't like, change the narrative. Shift the spotlight—let the good shine.