February 14, 2023

Choose Love Everyday

I've been seeing flowers, chocolates, and other baked goodies all over my feed. Lots of couples going out on dates and trips.

It's nice to see people celebrating love and spending quality time with their loved ones—their partners and their family.

It got me thinking: I hope the kind of love they're giving today is the same on all other days. That every day, love is celebrated and actively chosen. Maybe not with flowers, but through everyday interactions—always with gratitude, generosity, appreciation, honesty, understanding, and patience.

I hope that people aren't giving flowers simply because of the social expectations on Valentine's day. But because they truly want to celebrate their love. Love that gives, love that forgives, love that respects, and love that nurtures.

That today, they are celebrating real love, love that's been thriving, and not masking the lack of it with gestures and gifts.

That in all those pictures, happiness lives in their hearts.