December 30, 2022

Closing the Year

Closing 2022 with gratitude.

  • For the blessings and everything that went right.
  • For the precious moments—the meaningful conversations in the car, in restaurants and cafes, the familiarity and ease, the uncontrollable laughter and silly stories, moments forever captured in photos and the memories to keep for life.
  • For the accomplishments, the small wins and the huge leaps, all personal goals achieved and the career growth.
  • For new experiences and new friends, and new knowledge and insights to be gained from them.
  • For challenges and setbacks too—toughness and resilience built, lessons learned, and grit sharpened.
  • For everything that fell into place—through luck, through persistence, through acceptance, and through faith.

And for all the others still in motion.

  • What is right will come at the right time, and what isn't, won't.
  • What is for me, will come to me when I will it and when I work for it. What isn't, won't.
  • Because everything always falls into place. Exactly where they need to be, when they need to be.