February 9, 2023

Comfort and Challenge

We need the right amount of comfort and challenge—in our work and in our personal lives.

When it's just comfort, it's too easy. Work becomes boring. Our life becomes stagnant. There's no growth and nothing to be excited about.

When there's too much challenge, it can become overwhelming. And instead of working on our projects or working on ourselves, we get stuck. We have no idea what to do next or how progress looks like. It's too daunting to continue what we set out to do. Sometimes, we don't even start.

It takes the right amount of comfort and challenge.

We need to get out of our comfort zone—absolutely. I agree 100%. But we still need to work from a place of comfort. From a place of capability. We need to have the right skills, the right tools, and the right mental state.

Why jump way out of our comfort zone and into the war zone without armor? Without strategy and tactics? Without physical and mental training? We'd get beaten up. Beaten out.

Before we can jump to 100, we have to go from zero to one, and then to two, and onwards to 100. One step at a time.

That way, we acquire new capabilities at every step, preparing us for the next, widening our circle of comfort little by little, inch by inch.