April 17, 2023

Comfort in Silence

Embrace boredom. Be comfortable with silence, with only your thoughts for company. Give your mind an opportunity to wander.

I've always loved my quiet, alone time. That's probably one of the reasons why I didn't mind the long commute back when I was in college. A 20-minute train ride, a long walk, and onto another train. I had lots of time to think aimlessly. (And sometimes, to cram a quick review before an exam or prepare for a report.)

And today, on some car rides with my husband, we're both unintentionally quiet. Both deep in thought. Sometimes blurting a question, followed by a short dialogue, and then back to comfortable silence.

I value those quiet moments, especially in an increasingly noisy world.

Just this morning, as we were going about our Monday run, someone else was running with his phone playing music loudly. Every time we passed by each other, his music (which was not at all tasteful) drowned the calls of crows I usually hear, and stained the peace that the place brings.

Social media bombards us with noise too—from brands and unwanted advertisements, along with questionable posts from people we know.

The news, events, get-togethers: all filled with noise.

The quiet is refreshing, the stillness is comforting, and the aimless wandering bears fruits.