November 28, 2022

Consistency Pays Off

I had a small win today: my average running pace was two minutes slower than usual.

How's that a win? I wasn't feeling well when I woke up this morning. I might have caught a virus. And I've accepted that the most I could probably do was walk and breathe in the fresh air.

That's what I did the first kilometer, but I did run after that. And I was only two minutes slower today. That's a win because a year ago, a virus would have kept me in bed.

The consistency is paying off. My body is accepting the run as routine, and it's getting easier to do.

That's one of the goals: to show up and still do well enough on off-days.

When I get back to 100%, it's time to aim for a faster pace and a longer distance.

First, consistency. Then, intensity.