February 25, 2023

Cultivating Toxicity

Those who assume ill intentions from others are, a lot of times, the same ones who do have ill intentions.

Those who take advantage of other people safeguard themselves from being on the receiving end of that same act, building walls and making selfish decisions based on baseless presumptions.

We should always be aware, alert, and careful. We should be particular about who we trust. We should make judgments, accept the bad as bad, distrust if we must.

But distrust should not turn to discrimination. We shouldn’t push people away before we even give them a chance.

While the good remains kind and patient, able to keep healthy-enough relationships despite disparities, the guilty attacks, always in defense.

And they end up living in constant negativity. They ruin their relationships for reasons that existed only in their minds.

They cultivate toxicity within themselves, eating at their happiness and peace of mind.