February 27, 2023

Digital Boundaries

When you don't set boundaries, you invite other people to meddle in your life. You let them ruin your schedule, delay your projects, cause you stress and burnout. You let them hurt you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Even financially.

You might already know this, and have set boundaries. Maybe you have your phone on Do Not Disturb to protect your time and attention. Or you've learned how to say "no" to invites, requests, and favors. Or you now know how to not let hurtful words occupy your mind and tear at your heart.

But are you also mindful of how much you open your private life to the world? Are you intentional about the boundaries of your digital presence?

The more eyes you allow in your personal life, the more mouths will talk. They'll feel comfortable about having an opinion and giving unsolicited advice—even when they've seen only the tiniest fraction of the story. They'll become more confident (and insensitive) about overstepping your boundaries.

The wider you open the door, the more intruders you invite.