December 9, 2022

Don't be Like Whiny Rachel

My husband and I have been rewatching Friends alongside other shows and movies. We choose Friends when we want something light, usually when our minds are occupied with work and we want to dial that down.

Tonight, it was the episode of Rachel going into labor.

While it had its funny moments and we were laughing out loud, Rachel's whining (which happens throughout the labor) was just annoying. She complained about her long labor and the other pregnant women. Incessantly.

It reminded of so many people who complain and complain and complain, but do nothing.

If there's something that can be done, do it. If there isn't, let it go.

Maybe rant once, but let it go. Don't keep babbling. It's unproductive and it invites negativity—to you and the people around you. You'll spiral down, with more and more anger and resentment building in your heart.

Take a step back, breathe, and recenter. Ask yourself: Are those inconveniences and little worries that important, that you let them consume you? Is this the best response? Will it do you any good?

Bring the focus to the person you want to be. Are you strong, smart, resilient, confident, calm, and patient? Are you able to control your ship, take charge of your life?

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't—you're right.”
Henry Ford