July 9, 2023

Don't Dwell

When ill remarks and criticisms uncalled for are thrown at you,

when gossips and accusations try to crush you,

let them in one ear and out another.

When you realize your mistakes and the wrong turns you took,

when you face consequences and regret bad decisions made,

learn from them, make do, and move on.

When failure hits you just as you're gaining momentum,

when all you've planned and worked for crumbles,

let it hurt and let yourself cry, and then let go.

When you reflect on the wrongs you've done others,

when you feel guilt over the pain you've caused,

make amends, repair, and forgive yourself.

When you've arrived and succeeded and won,

when you feel victorious and strong and invincible,

celebrate, treat yourself, and then plan your next project.

Where you are now, what you have, and what you're feeling,

they can change and they will change,

instantly or gradually, in the next days, weeks, or years.

Don't beat yourself up for the wrongs you've made,

and don't expect to stay on top of the world—

all moments are fleeting, and it's best not to dwell.