November 9, 2022

Don't Pursue Perfection

I love Notion. It lets me do many different things—project management, budgeting, keep track of books I've read and those I've yet to read, life admin tasks, and so on. And it lets me create different dashboards that make sense to me, aligned with how I think and how I like to organize.

While it still lacks functions that I'd love to have, I'm sure they'll be there in the future, especially the ones that most users want too. Seeing their software updates makes me think that they listen to the users. They give us what we want and need (some of them we haven't even thought of yet).

Knowing that is enough for me to invest my time and energy into creating my systems there. I'm confident that I'll still be using it in 5 years (maybe 10 years or more), as long as it keep improving.

That's the same way I see growth.

We're not perfect right now. We don't have all the skills (hard and soft), the connections, the innovative business ideas. But, we should have improvements. We should be at least 1% better everyday.

They may seem tiny at times, but the things we do to be better are growth. They're steps forward. Imagine the compounding effects. As long as we remain consistent, as long as we grow everyday, we'll reach the place we long to be in the future. We will feel happy and fulfilled.

But it won't be the perfect picture that we might be thinking. It's not perfect right now, and it won't ever be.

There will always be something we can do to be a better person. Whether in sharpening our skills, mastering our craft, deepening our way of thinking, becoming healthier and stronger, working toward emotional maturity, being kinder and more compassionate, and so on.

We should be ever-learning, even when we're gray-haired and wrinkly.

Don't pursue perfection. It can never be achieved. Pursue growth. Everyday.