March 20, 2023

Early Monday Run

Went running this morning. And every time I do that on a Monday, I arrive at the same thought: it's the best start to the week.

I was energized the whole day (and it's quite a packed Monday), and I'm sure it will positively impact my whole week.

Running on Mondays requires getting up early, so that I can be home in time to shower and prepare for work. On the way to Clark where we run, I'm always still so sleepy. It takes a lot of willpower.

It might seem like I'm making my Mondays more difficult, adding another thing to dread. But it's the opposite.

By taking on that challenge at the start of the week, I'm preparing myself for the whole week. To get up early consistently. To fire through my to-do list. To tackle surprises that lie ahead.

I see willpower as a muscle: the more you use it and train it, the stronger it becomes. The bigger your capacity—the more work you can finish (at less the effort) and the more challenges you can take (and thus, more growth). And the easier it is for you to summon the energy, whenever you need it.