April 3, 2023

Environment That Nurtures

You have control over your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Yourself. But beyond that, you also have some control over your surroundings.


You can be selective of what possessions you let inside you home. Aside from your aesthetic preferences, you can choose things based on how they affect your health and wellbeing.

For example, many cleaning supplies are made with harmful chemicals. Will you allow that in your home, contaminating the air your breathe? Do you want your food heated in plastic? Are you okay with skincare and hair products that have ingredients linked to higher risks of cancer?

You can also be deliberate about your space as a whole. Cluttered spaces can lead to a cluttered mind. Declutter every now and then to let the spaces breathe, so that your mind can breathe too. And arrange them in a way that gives you inspiration.


In your workspace, add elements that fuel your drive. If you have a vision board, put it where you can see it everyday, so that you're reminded of your goals every morning, every time you come back after lunch, every time you find yourself distracted.

You can also design your workspace to help you avoid distractions and stay focused. Add blockers that limit your mobile or social media use. Buy a physical timer if you're using the Pomodoro technique. Remove clutter from your desk—anything that can grab your attention.

Make your space work for you.


You can also be selective of the people you hang out with. Some social settings might require you to engage with not-so-ideal people, but for the most part, it's up to you. What brunches and dinners do you commit to? What events do you attend? Who do you invite to your home?

If you want to excel at what you do, to become kinder and a better human being, to grow continuously, then you have to be deliberate about the external influences in your life. And the people you spend time with are a huge influence in who you become.

You have some control over your surroundings. Be deliberate—either your environment nurtures you or holds you back.