March 25, 2023

Excesses Imprison

Let go of excesses. Dispose of what you don't need. They only occupy valuable space—in your room, in your mind, in your life. And a lot of times, they give you more work and more costs.

A second car means another huge expense—not only when you buy it, but as long as you have it. It requires more garage space. It requires regular washing. It requires insurance, maintenance, and repairs, and they don't come cheap. It's another vehicle to register regularly and pay for. More documents to organize.

Lots of kitchen equipment at home? Lots of items to clean regularly, and more storage space you need. Too many clothes? More wardrobe space. More cabinet and drawers to clean.

The more you collect, the faster they multiply. The more cluttered the home. The more things to think about, to take care of. The more cluttered your mind.

This idea isn't new—minimalism became a trend. But it's much, much more than a trend.

Minimalism can give back some of your freedom. You won't be consumed by consumerism. You'd have fewer things to think about, and that means more time, mental space, and energy for you to use on more important things. And the best part: you get to save more money.

Excesses imprison. They limit your choices. You're forced to adjust to accommodate them. Don't them them control your life.