January 19, 2023

Expect Failure

If you've never failed before, you're probably not trying enough.

If you've never failed before, never had to struggle, never had to worry about a bad decision, never questioned your capabilities, then you're probably not growing. Because you're staying well within your comfort zone. Because you stopped trying new things. Learning new things.

Sometimes, lack of failure is failure. Failure to take risks, conquer challenges, and grow. To become better in every way.

And if you let fear of failure dictate your path, then you'll find yourself in front of the very thing you feared. Failure to realize your fullest potential.

It's difficult. It's scary. It's painful. But it's normal. It's part of life. Most accomplished people have experienced it. And if you want the same success, you'll probably go through it. Accept it. Expect it.

Failure is failure—take it for what it is, and then take the lessons. Let it be painful, but let it also feed your drive, your want for success. Let it burn you, but let it feed the fire inside you even more.

Let each failure fuel your determination, your passion, your hunger.