December 5, 2022confidence

Fighting Fear of Judgment

So much advantage in life comes from being willing to look like a fool in the short term. - Shane Parrish

Fear of judgment. Fear of stumbling in front of everybody.

Many of us have that fear (if not all of us). I do. It keeps us from pursuing our dreams. From seizing opportunities.

And because I'm aware of that now, it's something that I want to conquer. I want to actively fight it.

Here are three thoughts that I hope will help me when the fear creeps in:

1. I can't get better if I don't start doing.

Making mistakes is embarrassing. Especially when many people are watching. But it also means that there is room for improvement. For growth.

I can only get better from here. And I can get better only when I start moving. When I move past the fear of judgment and focus on deliberate practice.

2. Keep going to stay ahead.

Those who are pursuing interests and dreams like I am will understand. Only those who aren't won't. They're staying where they are, judging.

They could be better than me. Smarter than me. But doing the work and making mistakes puts me ahead of them. (Adding a bit of competitive spirit—it's effective self-talk. *wink*)

Results come from action. Not from thinking to act.

3. It doesn't matter

Other people's opinions don't matter. I just need thick skin. Become indifferent to judgment. That shouldn't be too hard—especially when I have a strong support system.

I have my husband who believes in me, my rock and my inspiration. I have my family and friends who I know will support me. Who cares what others think? I have enough pillars. I might stumble, but I will not crumble.