May 6, 2023

Fighting Procrastination

I'm a planner and a starter. I love coming up with ideas, creating a roadmap, and getting started. But the execution right up to the finish line is the hardest. I lose fuel. I give in to procrastination.

That's been a challenge all my life.

So now I'm trying a different approach. I'm putting some projects on hold to focus on a few. And aside from having a step-by-step roadmap, I'll also set a big task to be accomplished every week, and work on that task an hour everyday.

My goal is to make working on those projects a daily routine. It removes the temptation of postponing the task to tomorrow or the weekend, because something has to be done today.

That strategy has worked for me in the past. It helped me build daily habits and routines. It's the reason I'm finally writing and exercising everyday.

And I hope it works again this time.