January 6, 2023

For those whose 2023 just didn't start right—

Days too busy and frantic or too tedious and unchanging. Plans canceled or delayed. Unmet expectations and wavering hope. Anxieties. Fears. Doubts. Thoughts of the whole year going wrong in different ways.

Stop. Stop thinking those thoughts.

It doesn't have to go perfectly from the 1st of January. You can start ticking off goals from the 2nd week or the 2nd month or the 2nd quarter.

For now, find your center. Find stability. An anchor. You are in control—of what you think, of what you speak, of what you do, of how you live.

First, take back control of your thoughts. Of your mind. Of your desires, your frustrations, all your emotions. Of yourself.

Then, direct what you can in the world around you.

Let that control of self—of your thoughts and actions—grow outward. You'll be able to control more and more of what life throws at you, and you'll be able to mold 2023 that way you want it (within reality's limits and life's unpredictability, of course).