March 3, 2023

From Inside, Out

When we work on ourselves, the world around us shifts.

When we work on our patience, kindness, and empathy, our relationships become healthier. The bad ones heal, the good ones grow stronger. Working with colleagues might become easier. Maybe home becomes a lot more happier, warmer, and sweeter.

When we continuously improve our skills and consistently put in the hours at work, we get results. We don't need to chase success. It will come when we do good work. When we're disciplined, focused, and determined.

By mastering ourselves and our craft, we gain confidence and composure. We're able to carry ourselves well. We become less afraid. Less anxious. More at ease—with life, with the world around us.

We gain trust, respect, and love—from our family and closest friends, outward. The more we work on ourselves, the wider that circle grows.

We don't need to chase the life we want. When we work on realizing our full potential, when we become better everyday, we attract the life we want. A life of success, of happiness, of fulfillment.