April 29, 2023

Get Roadblocks Off Your Path

Sacramento Kings won against Golden State Warriors in Game 6, after three consecutive losses. I'm not an analyst nor a basketball expert, but it looks like a large part of that is because of Coach Mike Brown's decision to mix things up.

Here's something I learned from the game:

If you're struggling and haven't seen a win for so long, look at the roadblocks. What's keeping you from reaching the target? The bunch of people guarding it so closely? Seemingly impenetrable defenses?

Look for ways to free up your path. Get those roadblocks off your path. Coax them outward, so you can drive to the net and score.

Coach Brown got the bench players to play, and they brought game. They showed up. And the best part: these players aren't giants—they're relatively short (as short as basketball players get). And that itself was a strategy.

When looking for new ways to tackle challenges, discard of biases and traditional ideas. Experiment. There could be strengths you've yet to discover.