June 25, 2023

Good Relationships

I spent the weekend with friends. They're amazing people—gems that I don't think a lot of people are blessed with. I'm tired, but my heart is full. I'm grateful.

I'm lucky to have good, healthy relationships.

I have people in my life that I can talk to comfortably, whether deep and meaningful or light and silly. People I can also spend time with in relaxed, pleasant silence. People I respect and trust. People I know I can rely on.

My husband, our families, and our dearest friends.

The world can be demanding, and life sometimes exhausting. But good relationships lighten the load.

My mom giving us food to take home, so I don't have to cook. My mother-in-law giving us bagels and fruits whenever she buys groceries. My husband whose company I absolutely enjoy—talking, singing in the car, going on errands. Friends I can visit anytime and talk to about anything.

I'm lucky. I'm grateful. I'm happy. And the only thing I have to do is to take care of those relationships. To try to keep them for life.