June 23, 2023


I don't like buying home decorations that serve no other purpose.

A vase that won't ever hold fresh flowers. Dried flowers that only accumulate dust. A bowl with three gold balls in the center of the coffee table. A long chain with huge white and brown stones, arranged on top of a book.

They're clutter to me.

I'd rather have a vase with fresh flowers cut from the garden, or snake plants that remove toxins from the air. If I ever have dried flowers from an event or receive them as a gift, I'd rather they're recreated into beautiful coasters or a trinket dish. And books—they're enough as centerpieces themselves, or combined with that snake plant and a simple basket that holds the TV remote and other small items around the house.

Paintings, photographs, art—they're a different story. They may be decor, but they speak to the soul. They draw emotions out to surface.

Aesthetic without purpose feels empty. Beautiful. Perfect. But hollow.