January 27, 2023

Home Decluttering

I'm decluttering this year. It's one of the ways that I'm trying to be more intentional. I'll be disposing of clothes that I rarely wear, things that get pushed to the back of cupboards, and other items that I thought I'd reuse and upcycle, but ended up being clutter.

My goal: I want my wardrobe to breathe. For my clothes to have space between them, so that they're all stored neatly and easy to get quickly. Right now, my wardrobes are too crammed, looking much too messy.

And I'd like to be more mindful of the clothes I buy. I'm choosing quality—pieces that last years. Not fast fashion.

And I'm choosing function. I want pieces that I'll wear regularly (not rarely), pieces I can wear in different settings and events, and pieces that go well with the clothes I already have.

I want fewer clothes that last years.

The same goes for the other stuff at home. If they don't serve a purpose, they're going to the bin.