May 21, 2023


I was decluttering today. I went through a pile of documents that have accumulated over the years.

While I'm throwing away those that have obviously become useless—receipts that I kept for warranties, photocopies of IDs that have expired, files from when we were running a small coffee shop—I'm also throwing away notes from college which I've kept all these years later, because of sentimental attachment.

I do this kind of decluttering regularly, and every time I do, I let go of things that I used to hold very dear.

We may have pieces of the past still with us, still in our hearts, but time changes many things. Our priorities, our focus, our goals, even our values may be different today, and they may continue to evolve in the coming years.

For all the challenges and setbacks—fight through them, and remember that they won't last.

For all the mistakes and regrets—forgive yourself, leave them behind, and look forward to next time, for your next chance.

For all the joy and wonderful moments—cherish them and be present, because you might find them much too fleeting.

Time changes many things. Be intentional about how you live the present.