March 10, 2023

Internal Discovery

I always considered experiences as opportunities to widen our perspective of the world. To have a deeper, richer understanding of life and of living. To see the wisdom and truth in different angles.

But Rich Diviney, in his book, The Attributes, says that new experiences also reveal a lot more about ourselves. He says that when faced with uncertainty (which is inherent in new experiences), our attributes are brought to surface.

We display how we respond to fear, how resilient we are to challenges, how we navigate that uncertainty.

Going out of our comfort zone brings external and internal discovery.

The unpredictability peels away our layers and exposes more of our core. We gain more understanding of who we are. What we're naturally inclined to do, and what we need to improve.

With that awareness, we can begin to develop the attributes that we lack but so very much need. We'll be aware of our tendencies, and be able to consciously choose them or fight them. We can become more in control of our behavior, even when unpredictability tries to rob us of reason and composure.