November 4, 2022

Invite Good Luck Into Your Life

Some people are lucky, some people are not. But that doesn't mean our luck is fixed. It can be changed. You can be proactive about it and increase the chances of good luck happening to you.

In a raffle, the more entries you put in, the more chances of your winning. How can you apply that in your life?

You add more entries too. You widen the perimeter. You give luck a bigger area for it to intersect with your life. You increase the chances of something happening in your favor.

Here are some things you can do to increase your luck:

1. Grow your network.

You increase your chances of meeting someone who might give you huge opportunities—whether to help you with professional growth, financial independence, personal goals, or others.

And when life hits you hard, you also have more people to count on, more people to support you.

2. Put yourself out there.

Be visible. Talk about what you do. What you want. What your goals are. People can't help you if they don't know what you need.

3. Welcome new things.

That coffee with an acquaintance you met last week could turn into the project you've been waiting for. That new job that sounds scary might be a turning point in your career. That networking group could be your door to the world.

If you keep doing the same things, then you get the same things. If you want new opportunities, get out there and collect experiences.

4. First, give.

When you're kind and generous to others, they will likely be the same to you. That's the Law of Reciprocity, and it's deeply ingrained in our nature. We naturally want to give back to those who have been good to us.

Be proactive about inviting good luck into your life.

We are all given different things. Some were born lucky; some were given less. But the moment we are able to think and fend for ourselves, we are in charge of our lives. Let that empower you.

Don't let life happen to you. Make life happen for you.