February 5, 2023

Just Do

Rewatched Top Gun Maverick with my husband today. Still enjoyed it very much! Replayed a bunch of scenes too just to really see the details. I love fun movies with simple plots and perfect execution.

One of the lines that gets repeated and becomes a central theme is: "Don't think. Just do."

Maverick says this to Rooster, who often gets stuck, overthinking, overanalyzing everything.

Just doing and not thinking—it's like being in the flow state. When we're so immersed, so absorbed in what we're doing, that it feels like the physical barriers are removed. Like we're one with the world around us. Everything simply flows.

Our instinct takes cover, telling us what to do next, commanding our body. Like we know exactly what we need to do, the body and the external environment in perfect harmony.

In those moments, we need to let what feels natural lead us. To let go of conscious thought and let our subconscious mind recognize patterns, analyze, and predict outcomes in a snap. And to then accept what our gut tells us.