July 2, 2023

Lessening Friction

There are many things we don't enjoy doing, but have to. Like household chores. We need to tidy up our homes everyday and that can sometimes feel like too much work.

I try to make it easier. To need only a bit of willpower as fuel.

For example, as much as possible, I don't like many things occupying the floor, because that makes it harder to sweep. I'd have to move them to get all the dust hiding in corners and small spaces.

I like washing the dishes right away so that they don't pile up in the sink. It makes it easier and quicker to wash the next batch or the one spoon I used to mix my hot chocolate. Otherwise, I'd just add that spoon to the pile. Plus, I hate it when I need to use something that's still dirty.

I also like to give the spaces dedicated cleaning tools, and make those tools accessible. Like having a brush for each sink, stored beside or below. That makes it easy and quick to scrub the sinks every night.

It's not just the cleaning too. I like drinking a vegetable and fruit smoothie in the morning, but setting up the blender every time I wanted to use it was too much friction. So I got the blender from the cupboard and stored it in the counter instead. I've been making smoothies more regularly since.

When you face unpleasant but necessary tasks, think of ways to make it easier for you, maybe even enjoyable. Remove friction and conserve your willpower for more important things.