January 26, 2023

Master or Slave?

We must be intentional about what we do. About everything we do.

If we aren't, if we're merely coasting, then we are letting external factors influence our behavior. Direct our lives. And dictate our fate.

Are we letting social media rob us of our time?

Are we letting heavy traffic and long lines control our emotions and thoughts? Do we let those external events drown our minds with negativity?

Are we letting others' insensitivity and drama bring toxicity in our hearts?

If we're not intentional, we'll never get to live the life we want. We can never craft it the way we want. And we can't become the persons we want to be.

Because we'd be slaves to whatever's happening around us. We'd be pulled in different directions. Easy to sway. No definite path forward.

So, are you your own master, intentional about what you're doing right now, to build the future you dream of? Or are you a slave to the world around you?