April 6, 2023

Master Self-Control First

First, master self-control. And then control your circumstances.

Crafting the life we want starts within. If we can't learn to control our desires, our emotions, our thoughts, and our actions, than we can't control the circumstances in our life. Without discipline, we can't have good health, financial independence, and success.

To stay healthy, we should have self-control in our diet, exercise, and sleep. To gain financial security and independence, we must have tight control over our expenses. To achieve career success, we must have discipline—to work smart, yes, but to also work hard.

An enjoyable, fulfilling life requires planning, courage, and the discipline to follow through.

Many people blame external forces for their bad circumstances. Yes, luck plays a role in our lives, but we are not without power. We have agency.

Work on yourself, master self-control, and watch your life shift. You'll see your external control and influence grow too.