January 14, 2023

Masters of Ourselves

We must become our own masters.

Growing up, we have our parents to guide us. To check if we're eating right, if we're getting all the necessary nutrients. To check if we're studying, if we're getting good grades, if we're learning. To check if we've cleaned our rooms, if we know how to manage our own little space.

In school, we're forced to do well. Otherwise, we don't pass and we have to repeat subjects. Failure is obvious. Visible. Embarrassing. We have teachers and the system to pull us back onto the right path when we go astray.

But when we reach a certain age, we become our own masters. Or we become slaves to impulse and temptation.

At work, we might have superiors and clients, but their hold has limits. They can push us to do better, but it's up to us to really take ourselves far. To realize our fullest potential. To secure the greatest success we could ever achieve. To win at life, consistently.

We must become our own masters. We should hold ourselves accountable.

Are we eating right? Are we exercising enough? Are we taking care of our bodies, ourselves?

Are we doing our best everyday? Are we relentless in our pursuit of excellence, of achievement, of fulfillment?

Are we doing enough? Are we doing what's right?

If we are not our own masters, then we are slaves to all things that happen to us. We succumb to temptations, to the easy life, to comfort, to short-term pleasures. We lose sight of our destination. And we simply coast. We don't enjoy the rewards of hard-won, well-deserved success.