May 10, 2023

Mindset Shift for Pursuing Excellence

Yes, we must deliver excellence in our work. But sometimes, that approach isn't strong enough. Sometimes, we ask: is career and money all there is?

Here's a stronger and more sustainable mindset: excellence lies in the path to self-actualization.

We must still choose excellence everyday. But this time, it goes deeper than career. It's the path to fulfilling our potential. To do otherwise is to rob ourselves of the greatest fulfillment, and the world of the good we can give.

Through this approach, we will inevitably deliver excellence in our work. Because that's one of the ways we fulfill our potential. That's how we can build expertise, and that's how we can bring greater impact in other people's lives.

By focusing on our continuous growth, we touch all aspects of our lives. We choose a healthier diet (and healthier relationships). We choose activities and hobbies we can learn from, instead of watching shallow shows and TiktTok videos. We choose discipline over destructive temptations.

It becomes easier to deliver excellence in all we do when we know that it is the path to becoming our best self.