March 26, 2023

Moments of Reflection

When we're too busy working, doing chores, always running from one responsibility to the next, we become so entangled in the present, in the physical, that we forget to immerse ourselves in thought. In honest reflection.

Some people might not have that luxury, some might have short windows of time to spare, and others, more. As much as we should, we must engage in reflection. We must look inward and judge our own actions and intentions, our thoughts and emotions, our hopes and fears.

Without reflection, how else do we become better? Without judging our present state, how do we know come up with a plan? How do we know the right path?

Look at your goals and where you are now—that's how you come up with a roadmap. Understand what you fear, and that's the first step in overcoming it. Look at your actions and intentions—have you been doing the things you said you would? And more importantly: Have you been good?

Ask: What does it mean to be a good person? What is required of you to be good? What should you do better, to be good?