August 17, 2023

Motivation On Command

Michael Jordan is probably the most competitive person in the world with the skill to back it up. And he has good self-awareness. He knows what motivates him and gets him to focus even more when needed: challenge. When he's challenged, he wants to dominate.

And that extra motivation is something he can turn on when he wants. He doesn't need real, external challenge. He only needs his mind. He only needs to think up scenarios and make them real enough for him—if you haven't heard the LaBradford Smith story yet, you have to (it's my favorite in The Last Dance).

Michael Jordan taught us many lessons, one of which is: we can have motivation on command. We can get ourselves in the right mental and emotional state to do what should be done.

Routines are amazing tools—they help us remain consistent with habits and work. I'm a big believer of how effective they are. But motivation is a huge multiplier. With both of them, we can become unstoppable.