November 5, 2022

Moving Away from Safe Conversations

I'm curious about other people. I want to know about their lives. Their thoughts. Their struggles and their dreams. What makes them unique. What drives them mad and what keeps them sane.

And I love having those conversations with them. Being raw and true and deeply engaged. When discussions become meaningful and enjoyable. When we talk about things that matter, things that we care about.

Those are the times that I learn something new—a new word, a different perspective, a life hack, a psychological thriller I can't wait to watch, an idea I can't wait to unpack with my husband.

But it doesn't always go there. Navigating conversations doesn't come easily to me. At least at first. It's awkward and tentative.

One of the barriers that I still need to overcome is my hesitation in asking more questions. Probing deeper into the subject. There are so many questions I didn't ask in the past because I didn't want to be intrusive. I'm too scared to put them in an uncomfortable situation. To cross the line.

Now, I'm trying to find the balance. I think it's okay to keep asking further, especially when I'm genuinely interested in them. I can watch their body language and know when to back off. It probably won't go as badly as I think.

I want to have deeper conversations and stronger relationships. And those are infinitely better than safe interactions.