December 23, 2022

My Christmas Wish to All

It's hard to imagine a sad Christmas. The carols and decorations, all the amazing food, the gifts and games, the get-togethers from 1st of December through to January. It's a crazy busy month filled with celebration.

It's hard to imagine a sad Christmas. But that's the way it is for some people.

When they remember the people they've lost.

When loneliness is made more palpable and overwhelming because of other people's reunions and festivities.

When the ordinary meals and lack of gifts highlight financial struggles.

When the lack of accomplishments for the year brings doubts and fears.

While all that sadness can't be wiped away in an instant, I wish that every person can find something that gives them light and love—a little spark or their own burning sun.

That those who are hurting may start healing.

That those who are lonely may find their tribe.

That those who feel frustrated and exhausted may find hope and inspiration.

That those who are struggling may find renewed drive and determination.

That those who carry anger and resentment may find acceptance, forgiveness, and peace.

And may we all be a little kinder. A little more generous. A lot more loving.